TenPow and Thompson BMF Winter Cup Champions

courtesy of Akeem Greene, the Cadets Champion, Guyana’s Justin TenPow (#16) leads local racers Logan Stollmeyer (#64) and Daniel Ullyett (#10)

Guyana’s Justin TenPow and local racer Mark Thompson emerged winners of the Barbados Motoring Federation’s (BMF) Winter Cup for Cadets and Masters respectively. The six-race competition ran alongside the second and third rounds of the inaugural Caribbean Junior Karting Academy Trophy (CJKAT) at Bushy Park Barbados.

On his Bushy Park debut in February, eight-year-old TenPow claimed pole for the 60cc Cadets, ahead of Logan Stollmeyer and Daniel Ullyett, who had finished second and third in the Barbados Karting Association (BKA) Cadets class last year behind Colin Bradshaw. TenPow and Stollmeyer proved the class of the field, swapping the lead back and forth in Race 1, Stollmeyer ahead when it mattered, with Ullyett third; the BKA racer also won Race 2, after TenPow slipped back to fifth, with Ullyett second and BKA 2018 Rookie of the Year Aeden Bruce third. The young Guyanese claimed a win in the day’s final race, with Stollmeyer second and Ullyett third.

In the second round in March, TenPow was the dominant force; despite the switch to a different track configuration, he again claimed pole position, then led every lap of the three races. Stollmeyer finished second in the first two outings, with Ullyett the runner-up in Race 3, these two both enjoying some wheel-to-wheel battles with Bruce. TenPow amassed a total of 136 points to Stollmeyer’s 129, with Ullyett third on 114.

The 125cc Masters competition brought some former BKA regulars back, including Justin Campbell, Kyle Catwell and Thompson. Pole for the opening round in February fell to Graeme Finlayson, just seventh-hundredths up on Ben Moore, reviving the rivalry they enjoyed last year, when they finished third and second respectively in the BKA Seniors.

Finlayson won Race 1, leading home Thompson, who had worked his way through the field after missing qualifying, and Mark Stollmeyer. Moore, who missed the opening race, won the second, but not before both Andrew Croney and Thompson, who finished second, had led the field; Geoff Ullyett was third. After retiring from the middle race, Finlayson led the final outing from lap two - early leader Thompson lost a wheel - with Moore second and Kevon Griffith third, after a charge through the field from last on the opening lap.

On the second weekend, Finlayson looked on course for the title - fastest in both Free Practice sessions and Qualifying - until his day started to unravel in Race 1, when Thompson passed him on the second turn. He started slipping down the field, sixth on lap three, but fought back to second, so still held the points lead, but then his engine let go during Race 2, which ended his day. Thompson won all three races for a total over the two rounds of 117 points, Moore second with 106 having finished second to Thompson in all three second-round races, with Griffith winning a tie-break with Ullyett for third.

BMF Winter Cup
Cadets – round 1 (February 3)
Qualifying: Pole – Justin TenPow (GUY); 2nd Logan Stollmeyer; 3rd Daniel Ullyett; 4th Aeden Bruce; 5th Jacob Mustor; 6th Nicholas Sawh (GUY); 7th Kaleb Catwell

Race 1: 1st Stollmeyer; 2nd TenPow; 3rd Ullyett; 4th Mustor; 5th Bruce; 6th Sawh; 7th Catwell Race 2: 1st Stollmeyer; 2nd Ullyett; 3rd Bruce; 4th Mustor; 5th TenPow; 6th Sawh; 7th Catwell Race 3: 1st TenPow; 2nd Stollmeyer; 3rd Ullyett; 4th Mustor; 5th Bruce; 6th Sawh; 7th Catwell

Round 2 (March 2)

Qualifying: Pole – TenPow; 2nd Stollmeyer; 3rd Ullyett; 4th Bruce; 5th Sawh; 6th Mustor; 7th Catwell; 8th Logan Parris

Race 1: 1st TenPow; 2nd Stollmeyer; 3rd Ullyett; 4th Bruce; 5th Sawh; 6th Mustor; 7th Catwell. DNS: Parris Race 2: 1st TenPow; 2nd Stollmeyer; 3rd Ullyett; 4th Bruce; 5th Sawh; 6th Mustor; 7th Catwell. DNS: Parris Race 3: 1st TenPow; 2nd Ullyett; 3rd Bruce; 4th Stollmeyer; 5th Sawh; 6th Mustor; 7th Catwell. DNS: Parris

Final positions: 1st TenPow, 136 points; 2nd Stollmeyer 129pts; 3rd Ullyett 114pts; 4th Bruce 98pts; 5th Mustor 90pts; 6th Sawh 87pts; 7th Catwell 78pts

Masters – round 1 (February 2)

Qualifying: Pole – Graeme Finlayson; 2nd Benjamin Moore; 3rd Mark Stollmeyer; 4th Kyle Catwell; 5th Kevon Griffith; 6th Andrew Croney; 7th Geoffrey Ullyett; 8th Andrew Walcott; 9th Jermin Pope. DNQ: Mark Thompson

Race 1: 1st Finlayson; 2nd Thompson; 3rd Stollmeyer; 4th Griffith; 5th Croney; 6th Ullyett; 7th Catwell; 8th Walcott; 9th Pope. DNS: Moore. Race 2: 1st Moore; 2nd Thompson; 3rd Ullyett; 4th Griffith; 5th Stollmeyer; 6th Catwell; 7th Pope; 8th Croney; 9th Walcott. DNS: Finlayson. Race 3: 1st Finlayson; 2nd Moore; 3rd Griffith; 4th Stollmeyer; 5th Catwell; 6th Ullyett. DNF: Croney, Walcott, Thompson. DNS: Pope

Round 2 (March 2)

Qualifying: Pole – Finlayson; 2nd M Thompson; 3rd Croney; 4th Griffith; 5th Allan Kinch; 6th Ullyett; 7th Catwell; 8th Kurt Thompson; 9th Pope. DQ (underweight): Moore, Justin Campbell

Race 1: 1st M Thompson; 2nd Finlayson; 3rd Moore; 4th Croney; 5th Ullyett; 6th Griffith; 7th Catwell; 8th Campbell; 9th K Thompson; 10th Pope. DNF: Kinch Race 2: 1st M Thompson; 2nd Moore; 3rd Campbell; 4th Ullyett; 5th Catwell; 6th Griffith; 7th Pope; 8th K Thompson. DNF: Finlayson, Kinch, Croney Race 3: 1st M Thompson; 2nd Moore; 3rd Campbell; 4th Ullyett; 5th Griffith; 6th Catwell; 7th Pope; 8th K Thompson; 9th Kinch. DNF: Croney. DNS: Finlayson

Final positions: 1st M Thompson 117 points; 2nd Moore 106pts; 3rd Griffith 93pts*; 4th Ullyett 93pts*; 5th Catwell 84pts; 6th Finlayson 71pts; 7th Pope 60pts; 8th Stollmeyer 49pts; 9th Campbell 48pts; 10th Croney 43pts; 11th K Thompson 35pts; 12th Walcott 23pts; 13th Kinch 20pts. * tie-break decided on Qualifying times

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