Sneak peak of the Race of Champions cars for Barbados?

With the names being announced thick and fast for the 2014 Race of Champions in Barbados nothing has been mentioned about the cars they will be driving.

Barbados Motorsport obtained these shots of some Ariel Atoms being built with the distinctive Race of Champions livery. The question is, are they supercharged? Are they V8s? Are those the tyres they're going to be using? Either way, at close to 500bhp/tonne they should be spectacular!

The Race of Champions always tends towards rear-wheel drive cars and sometimes four-wheel drive, previous years have seen the Ariel Atom Cup cars used before, so it is no huge surpise that they may be appearing again.

Word is, the cars get to stay on at Bushy Park after the event so we may be seeing a number of Atoms available for drives in the New Year!

Ariel Atom Spec:

Engine 2.0 K20Z Honda 4 Cylinder I-VTEC
Power 245 Bhp At 8200 Rpm
Torque 224 Nm At 6100 Rpm
Gearbox Six-Speed
Transmission Rear-Wheel Drive
Suspension Double Unequal Length TIG Welded Fabricated Wishbones
Tyres Michelin
Length 3410mm
Width 1828mm
Weight 550kg

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