Sol Rally Barbados 2014 Full Coverage

Published on 11 Jun 2014

Red265 Rally Media and BP Motorsport present 'Sol Rally Barbados 2014 Full Coverage'

The video is 17 minutes long. Action pack from start to finish (To the very last second, HINT).The clips have been arranged in random order (The first minute dedicated to top 3) with the addition of partial on-board footage contributed by various drivers. There is intro music and no further music, no narration, pure engine and crowd sound. The video is littered with spills and thrills, so no time to look away throughout those 17 minutes.

Big up to BP Motosport, fantastic footage as usually, they got all the right angles. TOP JOB!

Special thanks to the drivers and media groups who contributed Secondary video and Audio;

Rob Swann
Dane Skeete
Daryl Clarke
David Marshall / Rallymaxx TV

If you missed it, you get to live it after watching this video.
If you were there, you get to relive it..

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