EXCLUSIVE - Bushy Park redevelopment from the air in high definition

(don't forget to click the gear icon, select 720P or 1080P for high definition and then full screen the video to ensure you see the full detail!)

AboveBarbados.com have taken some stunning aerial footage of the redevelopment of the Bushy Park race circuit, allowing us to see it in high-definition from an angle not available before. It also allows us to make some interesting observations...

Observations on the Current Progress

The first thing is the sheer scale of the development. As promised, this is not simply a re-tarmac or small extension to the existing circuit - this is a complete, ground up, redevelopment of the entire facility. Yes, the new circuit contains the flow of the old track into part of the new track, but that's pretty much where the old parts of the circuit end.

The circuit itself is obviously quite siginificantly longer with the introduction of the new section(s). Appealing from a driver's perspective is the constant (and increased) width - this should allow much more overtaking and side-by-side racing opportunites at points throughout the circuit. Additionally, the new tarmac should offer a consistent surface allowing much lower ride-heights.

The huge-cut into the rock at start of the old home-straight is quite something to behold. A towering cliff is now there. Taking a guess, this is the position for a significant crowd stand to be built - and it's in a fantastic location, you can see all of the circuit from the top - Bushy Park's natural amphitheatre helping somewhat.

The draingage alone is worth a double check (you can see it on the outside of the old home-straight). The huge concrete drainage runs the length of the straight (perhaps an FIA requirement?).

The drag strip is cut and like much of the rest of the circuit awaiting tarmacing. Wide enough for side-by-side drags it will be interesting to see if this gets any form of barriers - lane seperation or at the side of each lane. There was a very slight kink in the braking zone (although of course nothing like the original kink at the end of the old start-finish straight). Sadly, there was not enough land for the full 1/4 mile, but nevertheless we should be seeing a safe 1000ft drag strip on prepared tarmac - a huge leap.

Run-off, though limited, was clearly being prepped, presumably for gravel as there is not room to allow for signicant tarmac runoff. It will also be interesting to note what kerbing is going to be used - there is a tell tale of the kerbing being used on the entry/apex/exit points on the already tarmac'd sections (appear so far to be of the rumble-strip type) but will this be the final form?

The pits are in place and being built, a nice entry can be seen coming off the slow section of the circuit which should ensure safe entry.

The Big Question...

The question everyone is asking - Will it be finished in time? With the Top Gear Festival just 9 weeks away will the circuit be ready? Well, simply put, it has to be ready. That's the end of that. The construction is going ahead 7 days a week and it will be ready because quite simply, it cannot not be ready!

Update - complete lap of new Bushy Park circuit


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